These are two sample Web Labs. Dragon Genetics introduces genotype to phenotype relationships.  Mendel's Peas demonstrates principles of Meiosis and Pedigree, then presents a challenging (but fun) problem requiring prior knowledge of genetics.

The Shockwave plugin is required to view and interact with the Web Labs. This plugin works on both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Dragon Genetics

This activity explores the relationship between genotype and phenotype, using both sex-linked and autosomal dominant and recessive traits. By manipulating alleles (genotype), you create corresponding changes in the dragon's physical appearance (phenotype).

Mendel's Peas

Parts 1 and 2 demonstrate basic principles of meiosis, fertilization, and inheritance using the same pea traits that Mendel studied. We suggest you start at the beginning to brush up on the basics. But if you just can't wait to play the game, skip ahead to part 3, The Princess and the Wrinkled Peas.

Part 1. Meiosis
Part 2. Pedigree
Part 3. Activity: The Princess and the Wrinkled Peas

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